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Carpet Steam Cleaning Perth

Carpet Cleaning / February 4, 2018

Carpet Cleaning Cleaning

The Ultimate Carpet Clean

  • Carpet Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction)
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning (Bonnet Cleaning)
  • Encapsulation (Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning)

There are many factors that determine which method is right for you. That’s why we will always ask you questions about your carpet when you contact us. For example; if you feel your carpet, is it soft or hard? Are there any stains? If so, what sort and where? Are there any odours you are concerned about? Based on clients answers we can provide a quote or estimate.

When we arrive on site, The Ultimate Cleans team will inspect your carpet prior to cleaning and conduct tests to identify the fibre type, weave, construction, how your carpet is dyed, the backing fabrics and the potential challenges that can occur when applying any chemical including water to a fibre – and then we choose the best method to clean and dry your carpets the best way possible.

We will agree on the price before work commences and your invoice can be settled on the day with the click of a button.

At The Ultimate Clean, we are 100% confident in our equipment and our high standard of service.

Our high-flow vacuum system with HEPA filters – one of the smallest filters available – are the only way to effectively remove the fine soil particles and hairs prior to carpet cleaning, that are not typically removed. You will be amazed by the amount of dust we will remove from your carpet by just vacuuming alone. Our high-flow vacuum system is also Hospital Grade and ideal if you suffer from asthma or allergies. The filters capture bacteria, mould and pollen particles as small as .5 microns – that is 200 times smaller in diameter than human hair and as small as a single particle of cigarette smoke!

Our soil suspension solution is sprayed on to target any spotting and soiling, helping to release it from the fibres prior to steam cleaning.

The use of soft brushes or pads means we are able to loosen soiling from the fibre and agitate the pre-spray. This helps with the final look of our carpet cleaning process and helps to clean your carpet up to 50% better.

For a deep, thorough clean we use a powerful truck mounted extraction system to clean to the base of your carpet fibre. Our machine can produce 130oC of hot cleaning solution and five times more airflow than portable carpet cleaning machines.

With the power of heat and incredible vacuum airflow, this process kills dust mites, removes pollens ‘living’ in your carpet and extracts more water out of your carpet for rapid drying times.

For persistent or re-occurring stains you’ll be amazed at our stain removal systems. We use heat transfer methods to increase molecular activity which in turn, helps release the stain from the fibre.

Our specially formulated neutralising rinse leaves your carpet residue free and helps your carpet resist soiling, feel softer and stay clean for longer.

Our carpet tool removes wand and swirl marks, separates fibres and resets the pile allowing for maximum airflow and reduced drying times after your carpet has been thoroughly cleaned.

An amazing finishing touch!

Our commitment to taking care of our client’s home and furniture means we use plastic or foam block tabs placed under furniture to lift it off your carpet preventing staining or possible damage during drying.

The combination of our high speed air movers, drying bonnets, grooming tools, ‘green’ glides on our wands and powerful truck mounted machines all increase air flow over your carpet fibres.
We understand fast-drying carpet is important so during the truck mounted carpet cleaning process we even have dedicated drying strokes to remove excess water.

Before you go to the expense of replacing your carpet call us, if we can't make your carpets look great with our specialist carpet cleaning process then it is not worth saving.

We are professionally trained in water damage carpet cleaning flood restoration, we have all the carpet drying equipment you will never need, we also can treat areas damaged by mould, rapid drying using de-humidifiers for areas affected by water ingress, burst pipes, air conditioner water staining, neutralising odours, removing stains, re-stretching, carpet repairs, spot dying and even restoring colour. Some call us the problem solvers.

We regularly receive calls from distressed customers asking us to fix a problem usually caused by untrained carpet cleaners in Perth. Typically, these issues include the following.