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Carpet Cleaning Inland Empire

Carpet Cleaning / October 17, 2016

OurExclusive six step process
1. Vacuuming: We vacuum before getting started. Vacuuming is a very important part of our system.
2. Stain and spot removal: We use our own .
3. Pre cleaning: Swedry® ACCELERATOR Pre-Mist (liquid) is applied to soiled areas.
4. Swedry ® Carpet Cleaner : Is distributed on the carpet. Swedry ® is environmentally safe and is biodegradable.
Swedry ® Carpet Cleaning : Swedry® Carpet Cleaning have dual counter rotating brushes that move vertically through carpet pile, lifting as they clean. Swedry® absorbs, traps and removes soil, leaving carpet clean, dry and ready to use immediately! employs physical contact vs. water saturation.
6. Vacuuming/Extraction: This is the final step. Residential appointments usually take 1.5 to 3.5 hours.

Furniture moving
Items that we move: Couches, oversized chairs, coffee tables and dinning room table chairs.
Items that we don't move: Entertainment consoles, electronics, china hutches, beds, dressers and pianos.