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Carpet Cleaning / May 14, 2017

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I can appreciate that this may have been an isolated incident, and in hindsight I should have contacted the corporate office with these issues as soon as the situation began instead of contacting the store directly. As I stated, my interactions with the installation team was great and I am thoroughly enjoying my new carpeting. I do truly appreciate the quick response and honesty Mr. Koufidakis. Hopefully others will have a much better experience going forward.

Derick is good it is too bad he is not backed up by better installers, who take the same detail in doing their job as Derick does. I had flooring and carpeting installed. Although, the carpet pattern I selected was show on a grid in the sample and advertising brochure, it was actually not that shape in person-very deceiving when it was placed on the floor. I wasn't happy settling for a angular pattern in an angular threshold. All in all if you need flooring Derick is the man to see and for the rest keep your fingers crossed.

Went in looking for tile to finish our master bath project. We made it very clear we wanted no tile from china. We finally settled on a tile that supposedly was made in Spain.But when the tile arrived at the warehouse and we went to pick up, i noticed the tile said made in CHINA!. I was livid, We called Barbra (sales) and she kind of apologized for the mistake but made it a point to tell us that she didn't remember us not wanting tile from China. Which is odd, since she clearly remembered looking for tiles made in spain, usa, etc.. After complaining and making some calls we finally did get them to offer a refund, by then that only left us with 2 days to try and find tile before our installer came. While i was happy they offered a refund, it was under stringent circumstances and came with only a few days before install, and Barbra is very condescending to deal with. I would rather eat the money we paid for the tile then deal with her any further on trying to follow through with the refund. Plus i hardly trust them to refund me fully at this point. For anyone looking to purchase any sort of flooring we found Floor Depot in chandler to be the best on cost and they offer the same or better products that Baker Brothers offer at half the cost.

My flooring looks great. They did a good job. Service from Derick was exceptional. However, our "flooring experts, did not show at their scheduled time. We kept getting later and later arrival times, and when they did show at 3pm, they said the tile was "too hot" to lay! Due to scheduling constraints on our part, it wasn't until 6 days later that our floor was put in. I do want to say that the workers went above and beyond when they got there, even helping my husband put the kitchen back together. And, as mentioned the product and workmanship were great!

Salesman was pleasant but suggested purchasing outside vendor base to save money. However, there were large gaps between this base and the wood floor. They contract out their installation so they are no different than the "big box stores", except they are more expensive. They did respond to our complaints, sent out Quality Control, had the installers come back, and some problems were addressed. However, there are still places that were either never caulked or poorly done. We should have called them back a second time, but our furniture was due to be moved back in so we were limited by time. My husband spent nine hours on his hands and knees adding additional base to fix the problem. The cost of the extra base and tools to do this were subtracted by Baker Bros. but nothing could be done about his hobbling around for a week after this. We also found out that our desire to have 3" and 5" random widths (no extra cutting) cost us as much as having a diagonal floor (lots of extra cutting and waste) put in. We had used Baker Bros. years ago and were very happy. This is not the same company.