Carpet Cleaning

How to make a Carpet Cleaning

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Carpets become one of the best solutions when it comes to adding coziness to your house. With a carpet, any room looks warmer and brighter, as it adds color, pattern, and texture. To maintain your carpet fresh and clean, people usually use vacuum cleaners that provide the first line of defense. Still, to keep it looking best, you have to consider cleaning. Usually, a carpet needs to be washed once a year. When it comes to high-traffic areas the need for cleaning increases. You wave to make cleaning at least twice a year if your carpet is light-colored or you have children.

The article below contains the information about a vacuum, deep cleaning and stain removal methods of carpet cleaning. And the first rule you have to remember is that following the carpet manufacturer's cleaning guidelines is initial. It will help your carpet to look better as well as to last longer.

How to Clean Carpet

While making a carpet cleaning, it is important to protect your furniture, the subfloor and carpet padding. To make a cleaning easier, it is always better to ask someone for help, as you will need to remove furniture from the room where cleaning is planned. After the furniture is removed, the first thing to do is to vacuum the carpet. It is always better to have a professional vacuum cleaner or to rent it. Still, remember the first rule and follow the carpet manufacturer's guidelines.

When it comes to wet extraction method, there is a need in making sure that the carpet dries completely before you will get all the furniture back. It will help you to escape such unwanted consequences as mildew growth it damaging the floor underneath the carpet. The most common rule is to wait at least 24 hours after the wet cleaning to let the carpet completely dry out.

Carpet Cleaning System

Though professional-style model designed vacuum cleaners are not so powerful as professional models, they work great and can help you to save money. If you have kids or your carpets are light-colored, buying one is a sensible investment.

Water Extraction Cleaning

If you decide on buying a steam cleaner, it is always better to choose the most powerful machine you can afford. It will help you to make the process of water extraction easier. Also, if you want to prevent damaging the carpet backing and underlayment, always make sure that your carpets are not overly wet.

Dry Extraction Cleaning

Dry extraction cleaning systems require the spread of absorbent while making cleaning. Though this method is more effective than water extraction, it is usually more expensive.

Renting a Carpet Cleaner

To gain the additional power of cleaning, you can rent a professional carpet cleaner. Still, you have to note that this approach can easily strain your household budget, as all the shampoos, defoamers and spot removers are quite expensive. Still, this method is the best one if you need a carpet cleaning just once a year.

Hiring a Cleaning Pro

If you need a high-quality cleaning, it is always better to hire professionals. They will choose the best method of cleaning and will use the best equipment.